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Konamono means flour (kona) based dishes such as okonomiyaki or takoyaki. They are a type of teppan-yaki dish (cooked on hot iron plate) using flour, and is one of Japan’s inexpensive foods.
Okonomiyaki is a dish of vegetables, meat, seafood, etc, combined with a batter made of water and flour cooked on a teppan (iron plate) and you will eat it seasoned with a special sauce, mayonnaise, and green dried seaweed. The Osaka style and Hiroshima style are famous. Many Kansai restaurants serve a set meal of okonomiyaki with rice.
Okonomiyaki’s origin is said to be “fu no yaki “ (cooked wheat gluten) that Sen-no Rikyu (who started tea ceremonies, 1522-1591) had made in the Azuchi Momoyama era (1558-1600). At the time of the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923), okonomiyaki was treated as a staple food because it was easy and quick to cook and various available vegetables could be added. The batter tastes light and soft and it mixes with the flavors of finely cut cabbage, meat, and seafood that are spread throughout the entire dish.
Takoyaki is an Osaka-originated dish in which pieces of octopus are put in flour batter and cooked in a ball shape. Initially it was sold as a variation of radio yaki with soy-seasoned beef, instead of konnyaku (jelly-like food made from the starch of devil’s tongue). Then, influenced by akashiyaki, that uses octopus and eggs, it started to use octopus and eggs, not beef and the name “takoyaki.” Popping a freshly cooked ball of takoyaki into your mouth, its surface feels crisp and fragrant and the inside is soft. Additionally, steam cooked octopus does not lose flavor and texture.
Both okonomiyaki and takoyaki are popular foods that people enjoy on daily basis and also standard foods on food stalls in festivals and other events.

Konamono Cooking Class Details


Okonomiyaki Cooking Class

Learn how to make cute "Kazarimaki" sushi (decorative sushi rolls).
You can make sushi rolls that look like beatiful flower or make them into a very traditional Japanese look.
During this lesson, you will learn about the essentials and trivia about sushi-rolls.


Takoyaki Cooking Class

Try your hand at making Takoyaki, a popular Japanese delicacy made with chunks of octopus and batter.
Learn to cook up the Kyoto specialty wearing a kimono-style chef jacket.

Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki

Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki Cooking Class

Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki are soul food for people who lives in Kansai religeon.
You will get to how to make your own takoyaki-octopus balls -and Okonomiyaki by your hands.
Please get your own original recipes for your family and friends through this class.

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