Japanese Music

Experience Japanese Culture SAKURA In Kyoto

Music lovers will find Japan full of fascinating instruments and performance styles from elegant koto and Shamisen,
Get a taste of the country's fascinating musical traditions.
Find fun and exciting classes right in the thrilling city of Kyoto.


Japanese Harp (Koto) Lesson

Step into the world of Japanese traditional music through this koto lesson.
Get familiar with the beautiful instrument and learn how to play a simple piece!

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Mini Concert of Koto

Implementation date and time:
1.3 Tuesday from 20:00
2.4 Friday from 10:00

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Open Mic Night in Kyoto

The open mic night at Kyoto's SAKURA is one of Kyoto's most well-known and long-lasting open mic events.
With a great mix of local and foreign acts, acoustic, you never know who might get up on stage.
A great opportunity to meet other artists and have fun. Check it out!

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