Sake Tasting Experience In Kyoto

Experience Japanese Culture SAKURA In Kyoto

Sake Tasting

Experience Japanese Culture SAKURA In Kyoto

Kyoto Sake

Sake of Kyoto

Kyoto is the location boasting the 2nd highest output of sake across the country.
It has two of the three biggest shrines in Japan that enshrine the god of making sake. They are Matsuo shrine and Umemiya shrine.
With a long history of making sake, Kyoto used to have the office in charge of the imperial use of sake called "Mikinotsukasa" during the Heian period (794-1185).
"Sake of Kyoto" have been produced in various places in Kyoto prefecture. Among them, the sake produced in the region of Fushimi in the southern part of Kyoto is more famous.

Kyoto Beer

Beer of Kyoto, the beer produced in Kyoto

The first local beer of Kyoto was produced in 1995 by Kizakura, one of Japanese sake manufacturers founded in 1925.
The beer of Kyoto, as is the case with many other local ones, does contain yeast.
Beer could be prevented from deteriorating by being filtrated, however through this process beer most likely loses its special flavor, which must be avoided.
As this is a local beer produced by the sake maker, they use the excellent groundwater "Fushimizu", which is also used for brewing sake, to bring out "its flavor" utilzing their technology of making sake.

Kyoto Wine

Kyoto no wine or Wine produced in Kyoto

Tamba Wine, the famous wine produced in Kyoto, was started by Mr.Tetsuo Kuroi in 1979. He had a passion to make wine that would go well with the food of Kyoto.
He received the gold prize at one of the prestigious food contests across Japan for the six consecutive years since 1984.
He has been awarded the silver prize by Challenge international du vin, Chardonnay du Monde and so on since 2000.

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