SAKURA Experience Japanese Culture In Kyoto

Experience Japanese Culture "SAKURA" In Kyoto

Why not discover authentic multi Japanese traditional cultures at one place?

Want to experience not just watching Japan?
The Japanese ancient capital Kyoto is a concoction of the modern and the traditional things, as towering skyscrapers live among historic temples.
In our experience classes, we have a number of options for you to explore of Japanese cultures.
It would be very convenient for tourists to be able to experience various cultural lessons in one place.

Culture Classes


Tea Ceremony (Sado)
Calligraphy (Shodo)
Ikebana (Kado)

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Bento Cooking Classes


Kazarimaki Sushi Cooking
Bento Cooking
Okonomiyaki Cooking
Takoyaki Cooking

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Music Classes


Japanese Harp(Koto)

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Sake Tasting

Experience Japanese Culture "SAKURA" In Kyoto

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