Traditional Culture

Experience Japanese Culture SAKURA In Kyoto

Learn about Japanese culture!
Japanese culture has its roots in the ancient literature.
When you are in Japan and have some chance to experience it through our lesson,
You will be surely able to enrich your journey here and definitely enjoy your days in Japan!
In our Japanese culture lessons,all instructors have teaching qualifications as master.


Paper Folding (Origami)

Learn the traditional Japanese paper craft of origami in the friendly atmosphere of Kyoto!
Create tiny paper cranes, seasonal flowers and more, with help from your expert instructor.

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Tea Ceremony (Sado)

Sado, the tea ceremony is one of the tradutional event with green tea called Matcha.
In Azuchi-Momoyama period, Sen-no-rikyu invented “Wabicha” which became the origin of modern Sado.
Tea Ceremony represents the true essence of Japanese hospitality.
By observing certain rules and aesthetic values, you will see how true tea ceremony is performed, and how great-tasting green tea is made.

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Ikebana (Kado)

Japanese flower arrangement is one of the traditional aspects of Japanese culture.
A master who has the qualification will explain the history and how to cut or make Ikebana.

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Calligraphy (Shodo)

By learning calligraphy, you can carefully write a single letter and understand the meaning of the brush's carrying in writing order. Through learning the calligraphy, you may understand how important to carefully write a single letter and also the meaning lying in its stroke order.

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